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Ryan, meanwhile, went to America to star in Bionic Woman after making her name as Zoe Slater in East Enders, and has been seen more recently in the UK in Merlin and Doctor Who.

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‘You get so used in sitcom to being big and expansive – I’ve put my faith a lot in the director, because working in sitcom for seven solid years I’ve picked up some awful habits.When the director said I should do things just “smaller” it went against all my instincts.’ Ryan, meanwhile, says that it was the quality of the writing that drew her to the script: ‘To me it’s such an interesting topic,’ she says."Bachelor in Paradise" star Daniel Maguire wants to set the record straight on his summer fling with Lacey Mark since his side of the story was cut from ABC's reunion special."She villainized me and we couldn’t see eye to eye," the 32-year-old Bachelor contestant told Too Fab.He’s very quiet, very solid and reliable and he just simply doesn’t understand.’ For both the stars, these two romantic roles are at once a departure and a return.

Maguire, who as a boy starred in Grange Hill, has almost disappeared from British TV screens, but he became a significant sitcom star in America, thanks to Eve and The Class."I could have easily strung her along for camera sake, but I didn’t want to lead her on.We decided in July that we were just going to be friends.‘For Saz, that little, crucial thing is one number.When it turns out she’s miscalculated, she falls apart.’ Dan, meanwhile, is devastated: ‘He thinks Saz is being irrational,’ says Ryan, ‘but he also knows that that’s who she is.‘When you live under the title of “heart-throb” or “pin-up” of course people flatter you a lot,’ he says, ‘as Michelle will certainly know – but I think the only approach you can take is to say thank you, and remember that someone in your position is really replaceable.’ Ryan, meanwhile, says that she has always been careful to avoid the kind of lifestyle traps that many succesful young actresses fall into.