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Fake journo claims to have hundreds of saved files, gets info dropped anonymously into her inboxes plus spends long hours writing and trolling.

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She comes from money so it does look like Daddy helps maintain her lifestyle. It's rewards are mostly networking, followers, gifts and a few trips. All their official accounts are monitored by their PR company.She's not made enough from acting to save/invest enough to live such a poh HW lifestyle no matter what MM asslickers who defend her say. Doubt she is going to sell the Piaget watch after all.r27. What you all have to understand: All, and again ALL stuff we see on the SM accounts is up to 100 % made for the public. There is no MM or SH sitting in the middle oft the night deleting abusing, harrasing and bullying comments.Her real relationship isn't a secret, and the guy shows up as her date in public sometimes, but she's not using her PR to publicize it either.And since entertainment sites along with social media are all about PR - they are in a symbiotic relationship with PR people - they don't ever mention her boyfriend, even though there are plenty of photo ops for them at industry events, if they wanted them out there.And most casual fans who google him will see that and believe it. Can we take it as a small mercy that they haven't yet done a whole photo shoot like the Fourth of July extravaganza they did for Hiddleswift?

I don't know the actors name that plays Theon Greyjoy on Games of Thrones but, in certain shots he looks like he could be Sam Heughan's unfortunately homely brother! I have been an observe of these threads for 2 years.I'm sure Allen needed the beard to look like she's a hill walker because it's Sams biggest passion.The beard has done fun outdoorsy stuff like skiing, snorkeling and gliding.But because she lies so much, shes slipped occassionally and those that know her all realized who she was and now are figuring out what she's been "hired" to do. So looks like we got rid off of all the tumblr fraus. So, as predicted beard did her job showing up at Budapest F1, pretending to be with the guys in a helicopter, maybe got a paid trip to Lake Balaton and is probably now spending some days somewhere in Europe with whom ever.JA needs to dump the fake shit because the players surrounding Sam in this scheme just stink. And at JA's office they are still busy taping all their bloody fingertips. May be she will post another pic from one of the in IMDB listed film locations from the Spy movie. Pass me the popcorn, I predict, we are not done with the charade JA had the beard take photos and video the few days she was made to go to Budapest. Between perks from bearding, any savings or investments and Daddys money, she really doesn't have to worry about steady employment unless she gets a decent project..R52 That was an assumption on the part of the fans because he was interacting with her occasionally on SM.