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His eyes nearly bulge out when she applies a rear naked choke which eventually puts him out.She knocks him out again with a reverse headscissor.He slams her up against the wall then onto the ground where she converts into a triangle choke.

He remains in this hold for quite some time after waking up and the suffering is VERY intense!

"Think of it like an anaconda" she says with a big smile.

By the end, he's begging her for mercy and gets a huge relief when she finally lets him go.

She stands on his chest, flexes her biceps and laughs at the loser whom she so easily defeated.

He can't move a muscle but he's about to find out that his neck is still susceptible to pain. The second that she grips her victim between those strong defined thighs and clasps her hands over his mouth, he's in for the ride of his life.

The Baroness slowly scoops his head back up into a reverse headscissor, grinding the man's neck between her thighs of steel. Terrified and tied up, he tries to buck and scream through her hand but she just holds on while he fights for his life. The instant relief he gets when he's finally allowed to catch his breath says it all. She seems to enjoy his demise a little too much but that's what we love about her. This is definitely one of the HOTTEST Ashley Wildcat videos yet!Sugar Diamond pulverizes Jay with her big STRONG thighs!It's man vs woman and with every crushing scissor, she manages to bring out some of the most intense amount of panic.Anat eggs him on to try and escape her hold but his mind was focused on surviving this tight predicament.Before the 5 minute mark, Mike could no longer handle the pressure and called it quits.She props herself off the floor and giving it everything she's got. Our new victim Mike had never done a Scissor Challenge before so it was no surprise that he was a quite overwhelmed by it.