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Thus unnecessary waiting time, in particular for employed people, can be avoided.

Once the all-important formal ities have been dealt with, you can relax and enjoy life in Offenbach.

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You ll find an overview of all the utility addresses and contact details in the address section at the end of this brochure.

Content Page Start First Things First 02 Living and Building 09 Employment and Economy 16 Education and Childcare 19 Leisure and Culture 23 Transportation and Mobility 32 Health 37 Family, Community and Integration 41 Overview of addresses 45 Security 55 Sparkasse Offenbach 1 Getting off to a good Start in the Citizens Advice Bureau Many things need to be dealt with before you really feel at home in a new city.

You can do this by calling the service number 069 / or in person at the ESO desk in the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Tip: EVO offers energy advisory services Thursdays from 3.00 pm 5.00 pm in the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Tip: You can arrange an appointment online at the Internet address provided.

When you have received your appointment confirmation, you will also receive an overview of which documents you need to bring with you so that your issue can be dealt with.

Residents parking areas have been set up in the centre of Offenbach to make parking easier for residents.

Just ask for this service when re-registering your car.

Many forms can also be downloaded from the internet to save valuable time which can be used to get to know Offenbach and the people living there.

If you have any questions: The Municipality of Offenbach (Stadtverwaltung), the city s util ities consortium and its service companies (Stadtwerke Offenbach Unternehmensgruppe), the energy pro vider Ener gie versorgung Offenbach AG (EVO) and the savings bank Sparkasse Offenbach will be pleased to assist you.

You can reserve licence numbers of your choice online simply by entering the search term Wunschkennzeichen (licence number of choice) at and choosing your desired number.