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Maimonides is a medieval Jewish philosopher with considerable influence on Jewish thought, and on philosophy in general.

The rigors of his responsibilities are described in a letter to Samuel ben Judah ibn Tibbon, the man who translated from its original Arabic into Hebrew.Maimonides became quite widely known and respected by Jews and Muslims alike.Maimonides (Moses ben Maimon)was born in Cordoba, Spain, and within a few years his family felt the need to flee persecution.They led a wandering life for several years and then settled in North Africa.E., the Talmud became vitally important to Jewish life, both ritually and intellectually.

The continuity and coherence of Jewish national life, their life as a people, was largely grounded in the fact that Jewish law bound them together despite diaspora and lack of political self-rule.

For instance, Aquinas and Leibniz are among the non-Jewish philosophers influenced by Maimonides.

This discussion of his philosophy focuses on some key features and themes rather than aiming to be a comprehensive survey.

They had fled the Iberian Peninsula after an especially intolerant Islamic dynasty came to power.

Maimonides visited the Holy Land briefly and was distressed at the condition of Jews living there.

In particular, attention is drawn to ways in which Maimonides’ philosophical and religious thought were intertwined, focusing on the role of reason and intellectual perfection.