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At the end, the winners will shoot off a dazzling display of fireworks.

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Have your Sim try them and he/she may be able to learn the recipe to be made in the comfort of the home.By tasting the new foods, your Sim can learn to use chopsticks (depending on the dish) or he/she will learn to appreciate the spicier things in life.The first phase scraps all but the slightest hint of gameplay in favor of developing the story.As Shinjiro, your job is to listen carefully to your boss, comrades and other key characters and respond appropriately by selecting one of the available responses.One of the things I really enjoy with this game pack is the addition of food stands.

Each festival or market has any number of food stands that offer a variety of new foods to be sampled.Though you do not have direct control over your allies’ mechs in the first chapter (but will be able to control them in the following chapters), you can still utilize their strength by executing a joint attack.Because there are so many wonderful things in the Sims 4 City Living pack, it’s pretty much impossible to describe it all in just one installment. If you recall, there are four districts in which you can move your Sim if you choose to move them to the city of San Myshuno.It, basically, is a place where Sims of every flavor join forces for either the Humor or Hijinks teams.They tell jokes, talk smack, insult, tease, perform comedy skits, pin voodoo dolls, trying to score points for the respective sides.Sakura Wars tells the story of a man, several women, and an ongoing crime spree.