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Devon urodził się 7 września 1978 roku w Vancouverze.Jego miłość do aktorstwa zaczęła się kiedy zaczął wystepowac w szkolnych przedstawieniach oraz w późniejszym czasie w serialach telewizyjnych.Amongst climbers it is always fun to debate who the greatest mountaineers of all time are.

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While I was working on this text, he told me: “ Snow Elephant Artur was born on 28 June 1962 in Silesia.

He graduated from the University of Katowice with a degree in Cultural Studies but since he was a teenager, he had been active in the Silesian mountaineering circles where he had been nicknamed ‘Elephant’.

He reached the summit together with a Korean expedition at pm. Following a very strong gust of wind the Koreans glanced back with Wolfgang nowhere to be seen. Today (yesterday) at six, all our team members are safely back in BC.” Details on Miss Oh and Miss Go Giuseppe Pompili confirmed the late Korean Go Mi-Sun’s summit time, provided some details on her accident, and added a correction – stating Miss Oh Eun-Sun was first to summit that day, climbing on O2.

“I had mistaken the two Koreans,” Giuseppe Pompili noted.

That doesn’t stop the makers of this video from attempting to make their picks however, so I present to you a list of the top 5 mountaineers of all time.

Not sure I agree with all of them, or the order for that matter, but it sure makes a lively discussion. Is winter Himalayan mountaineering possible without Artur Hajzer?

( Lt Col(R) Ilyas Ahmad Mirza of Askari Aviation (“The Fearless Five”) in Pakistan told Ex Web in an email this morning that two helicopters were sent yesterday to retrieve Miss Go’s remains on Nanga Parbat but her body, earlier spotted on a steep slope, was missing from the location today.

The helis are likely to return tomorrow to resume the search.

“Wolfgang was part of the group who attempted the summit from the Kinshoffer route,” Gerfried’s home team wrote.

“Hans Wenzl topped-out at about 2.30pm; Michaela Landl and Herbert Schütter turned around due to the late hour – but Wolfgang continued. Louis Rousseau took pictures of the track and found some of Wolfgang’s belongings (backpack, a globe, a cap) and took them down to BC.” “Meanwhile climbers in BC have helped some exhausted members of the summit group on their way down.

W 1992 roku dostał rolę w telewizyjnym programie Kidzone gdzie aktorzy grali samych siebie.