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And though he blamed himself at first for the January 2008 diagnosis, he soon emerged with a new attitude."I was not ready to go, and I'd be damned if this disease was going to take me before I was good and ready," he said in the tapes.

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"Now, a lot of things go through your head when you get a death sentence handed to you, starting with: ' Why me?'" he said in an audiobook titled "Time of My Life," reported.I was throwing up constantly, suffering fever, changing of the skin. I was grateful for this preventative measure as opposed to breaking out the hacksaw and just going straight in.I remember one time I was rushed to the hospital because they thought there may have been a spread into my kidneys.My understanding is that most people die of other complications due to the cancer, like kidney failure.

At times, I was experiencing almost like a traffic jam in my body and my kidneys would shut down or I’d be in insane, intense abdominal pain, like I was being stabbed to death.Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are most commonly used to treat the cancer.Buell is not alone in his fight against pancreatic cancer -- take a look at some other famous faces of the condition: The beloved star of "Ghost" and "Dirty Dancing" died after a battle with pancreatic cancer in September 2009, at the age of 57."So I said to my doctor, ' Show me where the enemy is and I'll fight him.'" In fact, he told Barbara Walters in 2009 that he was both optimistic and realistic."I'd say five years is pretty wishful thinking," he said in the interview, according to a Huff Post report at the time of his death."My husband Patrick not only touched the lives of millions with his work, but also with the strength and courage he displayed during his fight against pancreatic cancer; he was a hero around the world," she said when announcing a new awareness campaign for the organization.