Rules of the game dating guide south park o filme completo e dublado online dating

Internalize that girls will have sex with you casually because they have just as strong a sex drive as men do, the world didn’t reach six billion people by accident.

You need to act as if and eventually the behaviors will solidify.Mick Jagger wasn’t always Mick Jagger, he used to be a skinny English prep school boy until he decided he was going to be the world’s biggest rockstar and started to act like it.This means asking a girl home with you after a date.It means putting moves on her when she comes home with you.Use day game, Tinder, party game — whatever works for you.

You can’t have an abundance of women without playing the numbers game.

If you want to learn how to be a player, the first thing you need to understand is that the game exists.

And if you can’t see that or refuse to accept the rules, I promise you one thing: you’re going to get played.

Realize that you’re living a 1% lifestyle and you need to act like it.

It might feel weird at first but by the consistent external reinforcement you get from having lots of women around will become natural.

You can be and you should be honest about what you want.