Freaky anonmous sex chat Rules against professors dating students

That took in teacher/student, officer/enlisted person, guard/prisoner and even boss/employee. is it seriously possible to convict someone for consensual adult/adult sex?

I heard it was being, or had been tested in the last few years and I haven't been following it, so it may well have changed. ..wait, this is America, land of the sodomy is illegal in several states.

I could say the same about when I was in the private sector too.

Colorado used to have a law that roughly said if a person is "in authority" over another person whether it is of age or not, it will be considered rape.

At both schools the policy falls directly under the 'sexual harassment' language, meaning it could also be applied to students who know you are dating another student and feel uncomfortable about it.

At the college level, I think they just treat it like they would in any work environment I have never seen or heard about anyone getting in trouble for it, and I have seen plenty of it take place.

So the teacher would have to wait until the student was out of the school in question.

And not just out of the particular class the teacher is teaching, either; I asked this question in another thread, and apparently all teachers in a school are in authority collectively over all students.What if she is not his student, but attends the school he teaches at?What if he had her as a student, but recently left the school? Or is all of this just a matter where he can be fired?My guess is that any situation where one of the would-be lovers has legal authority (or is in a position of trust, for example a doctor's authority) over the other is forbidden.Teacher/student, boss/worker, therapist/client, sergeant/trooper, priest/parishioner, lawyer/client. In all of these situations, the two can't meet as equals.The place with the highest age of consent in the world appears to be Madagascar where it is 21. In Yemen it's 9, but you have to be married (are you fucking kidding me? It's 17 in five States, 16 in eighteen States and 14(! At the University I work at it is only forbidden if you have 'direct authority' which does include former students do to the reasons mentioned earlier.