Ru animals sex taboo

For them, homosexuality is not an issue." Petter Bockman regrets that there is too little research about homosexuality among animals. The problem is that researchers have not seen for themselves that the phenomenon exists or they have been confused when observing homosexual behaviour or that they are fearful of being ridiculed by their colleagues.

Many therefore overlook the abundance of material that is found.

The pairing of males and females is fleeting, while between males, a pair can stay together for years.

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"If a female has sex with a male one time, but thousands of times with another female, is she bisexual or homosexual?

This is the same way to have children is not unknown among homosexual people." Indeed, there is a number of animals in which homosexual behaviour has never been observed, such as many insects, passerine birds and small mammals.

To ensure loyalty, they strengthen the bonds by often having sex with each other.

Homosexuality is also quite common among dolphins and killer whales.

Single females will lay eggs in a homosexual pair's nest.

It has been observced that the homosexual couple are often better at raising the young than heterosexual couples.

From the middle of October until next summer the Norwegian Natural History Museum of the University of Oslo will host the first exhibition that focuses on homosexuality in the animal kingdom.

"One fundamental premise in social debates has been that homosexuality is unnatural. Homosexuality is both common and highly essential in the lives of a number of species," explains Petter Boeckman, who is the academic advisor for the "Against Nature's Order? The most well-known homosexual animal is the dwarf chimpanzee, one of humanity's closes relatives. Sex plays an conspicuous role in all their activities and takes the focus away from violence, which is the most typical method of solving conflicts among primates and many other animals.

"Every male that sniffed a female was reported as sex, while anal intercourse with orgasm between males was only "revolving around" dominance, competition or greetings. "Masturbation is the simplest method of self pleasure.

We have a Darwinist mentality that all animals only have sex to procreate.

But there are plenty of animals who will masturbate when they have nothing better to do. They make dildos of wood and bark," says Petter Boeckman of the Norwegian Natural History Museum.