Romance novel excerpts online dating

KFC will also be giving 100 fans on social media a free dinner and a hard copy of the book, complete with cheesy cover of a ripped Colonel whose guns pop out of his sleeveless white suit and cradle Lady Parker, who clenches a chicken leg as she looks lovingly at his smiling mug.

Now, if things aren’t boiling, committing to marriage seems premature.

But searching for a soul mate takes a long time and requires enormous emotional investment.

I can only conclude that it's because it's so easy to forget that you're talking to another human being and not a bubble." -- "Now if someone likes you and you don’t like them back, you just pretend to be busy forever. She sweetly recalled that 'He remembered my name, he said hi, and he told me to call him back.' Never mind the fact that what she described was the content of literally every voicemail in history. ' " - "Hey, so we've been hanging out together all the time, spending a lot of time together and everything... I wanna keep hanging out with you 'til one of us dies.

That’s what people do now, they pretend to be busy forever, then they conduct this strange psychological experiment, where it’s like, 'How much hope does this person have? Put this ring on your finger so people know we have an arrangement." -- "Online dating is like a second job that requires knowledge and skills that very few of us have. One reason is that people don't always know what they're looking for in a soul mate, unlike when they're picking something easier, like laundry detergent (big ups to Tide Mountain Spring — who doesn't want to their clothes to smell like a fresh mountain spring?!

So while the family chows down, Mom can soak in a bubble-filled, candle-lit tub and get lost in her Kentucky-Fried fantasy. "So this Mother's Day, the bucket of chicken I get for my wife will come with a side of steamy romance novella.

"The only thing better than being swept away by the deliciousness of our Extra Crispy Chicken is being swept away by Harland Sanders himself," said George Felix, director of advertising for KFC U.

BUY NOW“We shouldn’t,” she whispered halfheartedly. She wrapped her legs around his waist and clung to his shoulders.

Her back touched the cold tile — the chill was a welcome change.

Original story: KFC continues to dip its drumsticks into more facets of popular culture.

The brand has dabbled in wrestling, comic books, and now, just in time for Mother's Day, romance novels.

The dedication page reads, "For mothers everywhere, I dedicate this to you--a brief escape from motherhood into the arms of your fantasy Colonel.