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Driving it was like being behind a ship's wheel, but this album sounded great on the cassette player.

) on it I missed out on this at the time, but we have witnessed the first audio interview with 2009-spec Paddy, appearing by phone on Radcliffe & Maconie's BBC Radio 2 show.

At time of writing, you can download it from Perhaps most notably, he discusses the recent recordings from Dr.

, and adds that he'd 'rarely enjoyed an interview as much as this one,' and that 'it is very rare indeed to come across someone like Paddy in my job, an artist who is so generous with his time and his thoughts.'Plenty to keep you going there!

I feel like things will be starting to quiet down now, at least a bit, so I'll take this opportunity to thank everyone who's contributed to the site in the last few months - it certainly has been quite an experience.

Lloyd Cole) emailed today to let me know about a Prefab Sprout 'souvenir' he had posted on his blog.

It is a brilliant hand-drawn guide from Paddy himself on how to play 'Lions In My Own Garden' - check it out about the discovery of rare 70's tracks on the website of a Dr Mc Gurk.

To remove the temptation of doing anything underhand, I carried out the draw on a third-party draw site; you can check everything was done legitimately went to a museum in Sunderland, to see an exhibition on the 'North East Music Scene', and noticed a small exhibit about the Sprouts and Kitchenware.

It has closed now, but he sent me a couple of pictures: It's been a while, Sprouters - but if I have been slightly snowed under with some other commitments, the Sprout world has been as busy as ever.

Sorry about the gap between news posts this time, Sprouters - I was waiting for a piece of news that did not arrive. don't forget about the competition I mentioned in my last post. Normally, I wouldn't have listened to anything with such a silky production, but Prefab Sprout's indie background made them credible. I think of it as a flawless album: witty and ornate lyricism in a pop format.

Worse, I lost the file I keep to remind me what to put in each post, so if you sent me something for the site in the last couple of months, please get in touch again. You still have till the 21st Feb to enter, and I reckon you're in with a very good chance of winning one of those signed CDs. 'Hope you like it / liked him - he wrote some great stuff,' was Martin's comment, and I was too embarrassed to say that I had heard of him, but never been tempted to listen. Every song sounds better than the last; there's that sense of incremental brilliance.

'It would have been 28 if the Beatles had waited another week to release their remastered albums,' he adds, so all in all not a bad showing.