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During the 18th century a migration of Kwakwaka'wakw (Kwak'wala-speaking) people of the Wakashan cultural and linguistic group migrated south from the area of Fort Rupert and established themselves in the Campbell River area, at first enslaving and then absorbing the Comox, and became infamous as raiders of the Coast Salish peoples farther south, known to history as the Euclataws, which is also spelled Yucultas and is a variant on their name for themselves, the Laich-kwil-tach, Lekwiltok or Legwildok.

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Along with School District 72, there is also a private school.

Campbell River Christian School, on Dogwood St., offers grades K - 12.

Campbell River has a variety of growing industries that enhance the oceanside community.

As of 2012 the focus of business is directed towards aquaculture, agrifoods, clean energy development, construction, creative industries, forestry, health care, international education, mining, technology and tourism.

North Island College has a campus in Campbell River.

Campbell River has recently developed a new international program accepting students from Germany, Austria, and various other countries across Europe, South America and Asia.

The captain and his botanist, Mr Archibald Menzies, discovered a small tribe of 350 natives who spoke the Salish language.

A Lekwiltok war party, heavily armed with European rifles, paddled south from Johnstone Strait in the middle of the 19th century and were in control of the area when the HMS Plumper came through on a cartography mission under Captain George Henry Richards around 1859.

Dr Samuel Campbell was the ship surgeon, and historians believe his name was given to the river by Richards.

The community took the name of "Campbell River" when its post office was constructed in 1907.

While January sees the most average snow, 152 millimeters (6 in), only 10 millimeters (3/8 in) will be seen actually accumulating.