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These now super rich, sneaky guys become there own faction.

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Thanks for making this mod, it is one of the best I have played.

I like to listen to J-rock during the sieges so I get super pumped up and feel like I'm in Seven Samurai or something. Can you do Special stats for the Clans for Exemple based on Shogun 2 Total war?

All is not as it seems as there are many powers who have their own ends in mind and an epic struggle is about to unfold. Prepare to enter the world of Pendor and accept the challenge of the Prophesy - if you dare. Training field have a number after them (intenunaly? On start you get your starting equpment X2 (note that it isent nesserily the same equmpment but two armours, two swords and so on.

3.7063 Fixed prisoner dialogue hang after talking with lady_in_waiting Fixed Mettenheim upgrade tree Adjusted (improved) Mettenheim spieszknecht to work inside upgrade path Adjusted Toblik mercenary so male/female confusion is now all male. Adjusted Vecavian Uncut Fixed bald kidnapped girl Fixed Azi Dahaka bald priestess.. sorry if my english is a bit crappy at some points, iam a bit lazy ^^ I have no idea what's causing this extremely slow responding stuff.. A few small armies can land, each army has a general, with the lead general being named David.

it worked after i waited for the quest to expire, and then i could take the city for myself and not have any problems.

since you brought that up any time i would seige the castle would be when i had requested leaver from the ikko ikki commander and thats when it came up but when i wasnt with the commander it allowed me to seige and capture it just fine thanks for responding and helping me :) I'm a little disappointed I download the mod everything goes well and in the end I install I run the mod and I have an error message that appears is Module / Gekokujo / Resource / Texture_face_then you understand that it upsets me help me please :/ Hey I love the mod it's briliant, but there are a few things that bother me, would it be possible in a further update that you make it so we can re-dye the map colours, also the Date clan has the wrong insignia and the Takeda Clan is the wrong colour, Takeda should also own the Edo province.I know I would feel uncomfortable doing it, but I often feel the urge to do so anyway.There seems to be something vicious about thanking them.I worry it would be a little like saying 'screw your opinion, now you see I'm right.' However: It is both rational and polite to thank them.The gentlemen's agreement of rationality allows for one person to be wrong and not lose face at all.These small groups begin to attract large numbers, say 500 per surviving original group, of high level merc troops.