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In brackets, after the title of each claim, are references indicating where the claim can be found, in case the reader would like to look at the source to better understand the Young-Earth arguments.Most references are from the 1995 version of The Defender's Bible (DB), an official ICR publication, or the 1992 version of The Illustrated Origins Answer Book (OAB) by Paul S. Both of these are Young-Earth publications that include extensive lists of "young-Earth evidences," and both of them are still distributed by the Institute for Creation Research (the most prominent young-Earth organization), and so can be assumed to receive their approval.For the past several decades, the question of the age of the Earth has been a very divisive one among Christians.

Additionally, some useful lines of reasoning were suggested to me by writings of Hugh Ross, Don Stoner, and Hill Roberts, which are referenced below.

Note to Reader: The most important element of this fact sheet to me is its scientific accuracy.

At the same time, there are many others who believe that scientific evidence overwhelmingly supports the claim that the Earth is about 4.6 billion years old, while the Universe as a whole is 10 to 20 billion years old.

Many people in this latter category affirm the intimate involvement of God in this process of creation.

In fact, scientists are constantly finding explanations for previously unexplained phenomena, as Science continues to work towards a greater understanding of God's Creation.

Therefore, it is a fallacy to assume that a phenomenon has a supernatural cause, simply because no adequate natural explanation has yet been discovered.Many journal articles are also available online, one good source for finding them is the Astrophysical Data System Abstract Service (All of the young-Earth claims addressed in this fact sheet can be found in books published by Young-Earth organizations.The purpose of this paper is to show that Young-Earth Creationists, however unintentionally, have in fact done this.Regardless of what we may think the Bible says, the facts of nature are also ordained by God, and it is not right deny them or to misrepresent them in order to support any particular belief system.If this were not so, then Science would cease to exist.