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These best friend quotes will help you celebrate the fact that you've got a BFF in your life.

Each quote talks about the benefit of having close friends in your life.

Comparing friendship to the nest a bird lives in and builds with loving determination reminds me that having a solid relationship takes work and dedication.

And yet, when you succeed in crafting a friendship, you can rest in the comfort it provides.

George Eliot Did you ever have a conversation with someone who misunderstood everything you had to say?

It's exhausting, and the ironic part is that the more you try and explain yourself, the more mixed up things become.

As a poetry lover, I often turn to verse when I'm happy, sad, or just want to feel comforted by the beauty of words.

But I agree with Woolf's quote here that talking to your best friend beats anything else for lifting the burdens of your life.

Your pal will know that the first thing you need to do is get your troubles off your mind (and chest), and they will give their listening ear freely so you can do that.

Elbert Hubbard Some people wonder how many friends they need.

There is something about the act of talking through your issues that can make you feel lighter and more in charge of your life.

A true friend will listen intently and let you vent first before offering opinions.

Marlene Dietrich You certainly can't call up your casual acquaintances at four in the morning!