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Chorus: I don't need no one but you, I don't need no one but you. Willie Wood & The Willie Wood Crew – Willie Rap 35.

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While we do have It's your dance, have it your way! Never let anyone tell you not to dance to a specific song. The song was written by , , , , , and with production by , and samples 's 1985 song "I'll Be Good". Grandmaster Flash – The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel 04. It was recorded at in New York City, while the mixing of the track was finished at . In the United States, it peaked at number seven on the , becoming both Brown and Jay Z's highest charting single at the time.

On the chart, it reached number two and also peaked inside the top forty in other countries, such as Netherlands, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. If you are unfamiliar with dance styles you may simply want to imagine the mood you want to feel and project as you are dancing. These forsee the end of the relationship song and therefore are innappropriate. This list is a work in progress, please feel free to with any songs you would like to suggest! To date it remains Brown's only solo top forty single and her only single to earn a certification. "I'll Be" was nominated for Top Hot Rap Single at the 1997 and was ranked number fifty-two on 's "100 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs" list. NO COPY RIGHTS INTENDED Total-No One Else( remix) ft foxy brown, lil kim, and da brat(1996)Lyrics Rap by Foxy Brown: Brown nigga, uh, chromed out six and sh~t, Bubblin', layin' up with them Colombians, Ho f~ck no, I gets dough, Fox Brown Mamma, Jig suits from Gabbanna, True ballin' nigga, who you callin'? Sicle Cell & Rhapazooty – Rhapazooty In Blue (Showstoppers) 39. Papa we be flashin', Sex lastin' All night long, It's strong, The Macksteress, Ill Na Na, like Benihana steaks, The boogie like a fresh pair of snakes, Italian, Fox Brown the don loochie-on, Stylin', Sip Crystal on a Cayman island, Uh, got gay n*ggas ready to switch, Like Ravano, turn a mob n*gga to snitch, True playa to don, From Veddadini, five carats on the arm, Jewels be the bomb, The four hotties, Total and Foxy, sippin' Spumanti, Bad girl of the year'96, Pam Grier. "I'll Be" is a and song with explicit lyrics that revolve around sex and money.