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If you have to stop down to f8 or f9 to get acceptable sharp shots at 560mm...feature (and the lens) would be of questionable use for me. About the Price and Product Positioning: So..Nikon has a 200-500mm f5.6 VR lens that sells for 99 USD (or 99 CAD) that is built in China and NOT environmentally sealed AND a 180-400mm f4 VR lens that sells for almost 9 times as much (but is built in Japan and is environmentally sealed). I already own a 400mm f2.8E VR - and I dare say the 180-400mm @ 400mm just won't match that lens in image quality. At up to about 99 CAD I might have considered this lens for those situations where I CAN only take one lens with me and I may need a wide focal range. While we all know that wildlife photography is an amazingly lucrative profession (tongue in cheek! ) do an objective in-depth field-based test on their lenses (clever readers should read this to mean ).Do you think that just MAYBE there's room somewhere in the middle for a high-quality f4 super-telephoto zoom? ), for me forking out K has to make business sense..buying this lens would make ZERO business sense for me. But don't get me wrong - I would LOVE to field test this lens.

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If Nikon can pull off this trick again with the 180-400mm f4E (and at the price of this lens they sure the heck better do it) it COULD become a coveted lens. About the Built-in Teleconverter: The concept of building in a teleconverter is interesting.But note that at the price of this lens you could buy a whole collection of pro-level prime lenses (along with some darned good zooms! There's obviously some value in "speed of engaging" the teleconverter on this lens versus one where you have to manually place the teleconverter between lens and camera (and in some situations this CAN make the difference between capturing the shot and missing it). First, I have a great collection of lenses that collectively cover the entire focal range that the new Nikkor zoom covers (and one of them - the Sigma Sport 150-600mm f5.6-6.3 covers MORE than the entire range by itself).And, finally, if you're looking for a directory to ALL my blog listings EVER - just follow this link.Yesterday Nikon announced a new full-frame super-telephoto zoom lens targeted at serious sports and wildlife photographers - the AF-S Nikkor 180-400mm F4E TC1.4 FL ED VR.The trip does NOT require any technical alpine or climbing skills.

This is the kind of trip I just LOVE (it's definitely right in my wheelhouse! Currently the first 6 images in my Gallery of Latest Additions were captured in 2017 in the locations we'll visit during this photo tour - check 'em out! Brad Feedback to: [email protected] off, I'd like to extend New Year's best wishes to all visitors of this website and blog. 2019 Photo Tours As anyone who has tried to get on ANY of my photo tours in recent years knows, I have WAY more demand for my tours than I have supply.

This lens has been expected for quite some time - partly to replace the dated AF-S Nikkor 200-400mm f4 VRII and partly because of the initial sales success of Canon's 200-400mm zoom.

Like the Canon zoom, the new Nikkor features a built-in 1.4x teleconverter which, when engaged, converts the lens to an f5.6 252-560mm zoom.

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The new zoom features all of the "latest" features seen on other recent Nikkor lens revamps, including a fluorite front lens element, a dust-and-gunk shedding fluorine coating, an electronic diaphragm, 4-stop VR (with Normal and Sport Modes), AF activation buttons on the lens, and more.