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It doesn’t matter if you’re currently dating the […]Embracing yourself is crucial whether you’re single or in a relationship.

Our professional Pittsburgh matchmakers specialize in helping busy professionals meet like-minded people who are also looking for love.Our matchmakers have a solid reputation for providing our clients the best matches with discerning singles in the area.Our discreet and confidential approach is appreciated by our high-end clients, which includes the area’s most desirable men and women.Our Pittsburgh matchmakers apply a personal touch and active approach you can’t find with online dating sites or mobile dating apps.Before you fall head over heels, you must be sure he’s not a narcissist. If the answer is no, but you want to, then you’re on the right […]Every woman loves meeting a guy for the first time and gauging the chemistry between them. Everywhere you go, you’re bombarded with Christmas decorations, romantic music, and happy couples.

If he does any of these things, he loves himself more […]If you’re like many people, you’ve probably made a few resolutions to save money, lose those extra pounds you put on over the holidays, and socialize a little more. But if you’re like many single women in Pittsburgh, then you probably hate the whole question thing by now. You know name it and everything is all about Christmas.

Shazier hit Malone low with his shoulder pads, then immediately reached for his back while his legs remained motionless. Never thought I'd say this but #Shalieve lol." The NFL Network's Aditi Kimkhabwala reported shortly after Monday's game that the team was told Shazier had a spinal cord contusion, similar to what former Steelers quarterback Tommy Maddox sustained in 2002.

Steelers safety Mike Mitchell took to Twitter to announce that he spoke with Shazier on the phone. Maddox lost feeling initially but fully recovered and only missed one game.

Will Bunch believes a Philadelphia bid would be a detriment to the city’s schools and enrich the already rich Jeff Bezos.

Michael Hiltzik in Los Angeles warns civic leaders to not sell out their cities with lucrative tax breaks or incentives at taxpayers’ expense in order to land the big prize.

Getting roped in by a player is the worst thing a woman can do, but it happens to many single women in Pittsburgh every day.