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In addition to this, flight attendants are often tasked with customer service duties such as serving meals and drinks, as a secondary responsibility.Prior to each flight, flight attendants attend a safety briefing with the pilots and lead flight attendant.

The answer was an enthusiastic yes, and the whole thing was filmed by an off-duty pilot sitting in first class, whom Emerson had primed in advance. “Jon is a really quiet guy, with a very shy personality so for him to do it in front of passengers was so not like him, but for me it was perfect and so thoughtful.

We spend almost all of our time together on planes and working together so the timing and place was absolutely perfect.” The couple – who asked .

“Layovers can be really boring so always having someone there with me makes the experience so much better.” Emerson had spent the past three months planning the proposal for their 23 December anniversary, he said. “I think Jon would absolutely love to have planes involved for our wedding,” says Gibbs.

“However we will probably have something more quiet and smaller for our friends and family.” The planning has yet to start, though, so there’s always time to change her mind.

After informing them about the flight time (2 hours 30 minutes), altitude (36,000 feet) and likelihood of turbulence (“a few light bumps in the air”), Emerson got personal.

Introducing Gibbs to the cabin, he said: “This is a very special day for Lauren and me.

Two thousand women applied for just 43 positions offered by Transcontinental and Western Airlines in December 1935.

The girls who qualify for hostesses must be petite; weight 100 to 118 pounds; height 5 feet to 5 feet 4 inches; age 20 to 26 years.

He survived by jumping out a window when it neared the ground.

Origins of the word "steward" in transportation are reflected in the term "chief steward" as used in maritime transport terminology.

Add to that the rigid physical examination each must undergo four times every year, and you are assured of the bloom that goes with perfect health.