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When user select "User" option from list in onchange event I am opening one popup window (depart.php) from which they have to select their "Department" all department are fetched from database(My Sql).Now which ever Department is slected by user that should be displayed on the Parent window beside the Drop Down Box Please can I any one help me. I have a login Page (login_form.php) from where user has to select there user type from dropdown box values are "Administrator", "Store Keeper", "User".Put this div's id in the sel() function at the place of id in the line below - This is what you will do with the parent window , I added the div beside the select list element to show the user selection made on the child window.

It’s not creating your popup but doing all the logic as opening, closing, centering on resize & scroll, creating a modal overlay etc.

It can open any container you create with all kinds of content.

b Popup is a learning and exploring j Query project.

It’s a lightweight cross browser j Query popup plugin.

If so, then it will call focus on it so that it is returned to the foreground.

Note: It is a good idea to make this function available globally and to then always use it in place of the method (it accepts exactly the same arguments).am very new to Ext JS and any help would be highly appreciated. While the first suggested solution works perfectly fine, it will reload the whole grid when you actually updated only one record.In case of simple grids with small nr of data reloading everything is ok.Proof of the pudding: Clink the link below and then return to this window. The first thing it does is to see if it has already been run by checking for a variable called 'popup Win'.window Opener('/icons/vwicn002.gif', 'Sample Window2', 'WIDTH=300, HEIGHT=250'); Now click the above link again. If it is the first time then this variable is set to an object variable by opening a new window.But, most users will end up confused and annoyed after clicking the link a dozen times expecting it to appeat in front of them.