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He remained on staff at the University of Pennsylvania helping train students, interns and surgical residents.

His interests include wound therapy, minimally invasive surgery and fracture repair. Schlicksup’s research was recently recognized at the American College of Veterinary Surgeons symposium in 2011 and he has published numerous journal articles and lectured nationally. Schlicksup recently moved to Charleston with his wife Tracy, who is also a veterinarian, and their new daughter Madelyn to be closer to his extended family.

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Her pets include Annie, a 10 year old mixed breed dog her husband rescued after she had been shot by her previous owner, Sylvio and Tito, kittens rescued by VEC and Phineas, a 5 year old domestic shorthair cat she adopted from the Charleston Animal Society. Mike Schlicksup received his doctorate of veterinary medicine from Ross University in 2007.

Following graduation he completed a one year small animal internship and three year surgical residency at the University of Pennsylvania. Schlicksup became a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Henri Bianucci earned his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, where he graduated as the Salutatorian of his class.

He completed his internship at the University of Missouri, earning the honor of Intern of the Year.

She has authored several publications in both veterinary journals and textbooks and is currently serving as section editor for a new soft tissue surgery textbook.

Outside her time at work, she enjoys playing tennis, running and cooking.

She has lectured at local and national veterinary meetings and has published articles and book chapters about intervertebral disc disease, head trauma, and brain tumors, among other topics. Freeman enjoys all aspects of veterinary neurology, but has a particular interest in neurosurgery and neuro-oncology. In addition, she is a member of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry and the American Veterinary Dental Society. Startup began performing dental procedures and oral surgery in 1997.

Her passion for her field has led her to publish articles and book chapters and to teach senior veterinary students, veterinary interns, as well as private practitioners from around the globe. Perry Jameson earned his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from North Carolina State University in 1991.

He completed his surgical residency at Virginia –Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine (Virginia Tech) and in 1999 achieved Board certification with the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS).

As a resident at Virginia Tech College of Veterinary Medicine, he received the Bente Flatland Award for Compassionate Care as well as the Phi Zeta Award for Research Excellence.

After her residency, she spent a year in a private practice in Akron, Ohio and then returned to the Animal Medical Center, where she served as the head of a surgery service for 7 years.