Patti bravo dating dating on line for dummies

Patti Stanger was born on May 31, 1961 in Short Hills, New Jersey, USA.

And whether you love this tell-it-like-it-is romance doctor or not, you can't argue with her overwhelming success rate.

So, just in time for V-Day, we've wrangled Hollywood's number one wing woman to spill her secrets on successful dating and mating.

You couldn't pay us to be a part of Patti Stanger's on-air cattle call, or surrender ourselves to a tongue-lashing by the tough cookie (we're not sure we could stick to her two-drink rule!

), but Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker is one of our guiltiest pleasures on the boob tube. A., where connecting with men is harder than getting cell service in Laurel Canyon, Patti's passion prescriptions hold major weight.

Seriously."What do you recommend we do to beat those pre-date jitters? But you should definitely work out, take a hot bath, and have a good glass of wine to relax — basically anything you can do to pamper yourself.

I’m also a big fan of acupuncture, lately."Should we be Facebook or Google stalking these men before we meet them? If you need to Google someone, it means you’re suspicious. Tell him from the get-go, 'I prefer you call me.' It sets a bad tone from the beginning to not have real personal contact when you go the texting route."What are the biggest red flags to watch out for on a date?"What's the most alluring thing a woman can do to turn on a potential beau, on a date? Grinding is totally okay, but make sure you trust him before even going there — we must always be mindful of the rape factor."What are your favorite Valentine's Day spots around the city?"Make sure your teeth are clean and white, and SMILE. Express how grateful you are with a hug or kiss on the actual date, before we've sealed the whole "he's my boyfriend" deal? You can get naked and roll around, but keep up your boundaries. "If you're wealthy enough to plan a big night out, anywhere near the water like Geoffreys is good, or The Cliff's Edge in Silver Lake is really romantic, too.But even though the Couple Finally Addresses Their Own HGTV Scandal Patti Stanger is famous for fixing up famous clients with potential dates, so she's obviously an expert on picking up body language between partners — and #Meghan Markle silenced by the Queen! And more, including Mark Wahlberg, Bella Thorne, Russell Simmons, Tonya Harding, Lena Dunham, Hugh Grant, Catt Sadler and Blac Chyna. and revealed that Luann de Lesseps' (soon-to-be ex) husband Tom D'Agostino is now seeing model Cindy Guyer. Related: Fergie & Josh's Differences Played A "Big Factor" In Split In case you forgot, back in August, the actually has an inside scoop! Apparently, the reality star is "close" to the couple — and while she doesn't know exactly what happened between them, Patti thinks Chris and Anna can turn it around!