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It is my assumption that it has to do with the PRL updates.

palm updating prl-43

Here’s what’s coming in Web OS 1.2: Adds the following updates and enhancements: -Enhanced copy feature added to browser and email (shift key tap and drag to select text). For example, “Movies” brings up You Tube and Videos.-Send/Receive v Cards via the contacts application (tap left menu drop down) -Linked In enhancements -Filter search in email -Bluetooth for expanded car-kit support -Improved auto-linking of contacts -Save inline images in email -Resume support for podcasts and long songs -Download files in browser -Backup/Restore of web browser bookmarks -Support Amazon MP3 over WAN (not just Wi Fi) -Photo Albums sync via Media Sync Addresses the following issues: -Capability has been added to dial phone numbers from a calendar notes field.-User interface now displays “updating PRL” correctly when you tap on Update PRL in Phone Preferences.-Device will no longer reboot while attempting to download music when there was not available user memory.You should be able to use voice and text just fine anywhere you have coverage.

As far as picture, GIN, and such, I think that's only available if you're around Anchorage, and probably the surrounding areas, Palmer, Wasilla, etc. Also, when they send a new phone from VZW it's usually loaded with the latest PRL anyhow.

I was curious if there is a method for updating your PRL on your phone by hand.

I can not use *228 because when I call it directs me to a local cell phone provider.

So I activated the phone on Page Plus service (a reseller for verizion) the phone successfully programmed using OTA programming.

It allows me to dial *22803 for verizion in my area.

-If a calendar event is snoozed then moved to a future time, the event notification will now appear at the proper time.