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They're not in this for the money, but for the revenge.

The "Five Diamond Award" is the highest award for hotels and restaurants given out by AAA (formerly the Automobile Association of America).

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See more ยป When Rusty and Danny leave the storeroom after the call, Rusty keeps his mobile phone in the right hand while pushing the trolley out of the room.On the corridor the phone is gone from his right hand.However, Danny and his crew won't stand for Bank and what he's done to a friend.Uniting with their old enemy Benedict, who himself has a vendetta against Bank, the crew is out to pull off a major plan; one that will unfold on the night Bank's newest hot spot opens up.When one of their own, Reuben Tishkoff, builds a hotel with another casino owner, Willy Bank, the last thing he ever wanted was to get cut out of the deal personally by the loathsome Bank.

Bank's attitude even goes so far as to finding the amusement in Tishkoff's misfortune when the double crossing lands Reuben in the hospital because of a heart attack.

This property also has one of the top-rated locations in Saint Petersburg!

Guests are happier about it compared to other properties in the area.

Yes, it's light; yes, it's a trifle but it's so FUN! Affleck and Caan are hilarious as bickering brothers.

My only complaint--Julia Roberts (the only woman in the cast) is shot very cruelly.

The award--which is sought by Willy Bank (Al Pacino)--is given to less than 1/2 percent of all the hotels AAA reviews.