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President Forever 2008 Primaries itself a follow-up to the highly successful general election sim President Forever, released in 2004 Some games in the genre involve enacting policies and budget decisions to sway voters.One such game is Democracy, published in 2005 by Positech Games.

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In 1987, On the Campaign Trail was developed as a tool at Kent State University's political campaign management program, and engaged students in decision-making regarding the campaigns for United States Senate elections between 19.focused on domestic United States political campaigns (but not the running of the country upon election).The player could use the simulation to test certain strategies to lead the failing Soviet Union into a new era of prosperity or force its dissolution and integration into the new world order.This game introduced the concept of budget management, citizen and faction satisfaction as well as multiple economic values and political spectrum.Realism and cooperation tend to be highly promoted in such games.

One example includes the popular Virtual Government Simulation In VGS, you sign into the game and create your own politician and hold a seat in the United States Congress while playing with other players from around the world.After enjoying years as a play-by-mail game, Diplomacy was one of the first games to move to take advantage of e-mail, and continues to be a popular email game as of 2007., released in 1983 by DK'Tronics and running on Sinclair's ZX Spectrum.One of the earliest titles in this genre was Balance of Power, designed by Chris Crawford and published in 1985.In 1996, this was adapted to the Doonesbury Election Game, designed by Randy Chase (who also did Power Politics) and published by Mindscape, in which players conducted a campaign with the assistance of a pool of advisors selected from characters in the Doonesbury comic strip.In 2004, Stardock published Political Machine, in which the player steers a candidate through a 41-week election cycle for United States President, developing policies and tailoring talk show appearances and speech content.This game features conflict at the height of the Cold War, using political and policy decisions to shape outcomes rather than warfare.