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It’s the parents who are not so happy about it, especially with the older children, so we might have to look at something else there.’Despite such setbacks, Mr Andre is not put off.

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A cupboard with separate compartments for the boys’ and girls’ coats is removed. Books featuring characters ‘squarely aimed at boys’ – including Star Wars stories – are culled.Instead, children are given an ‘alternative narrative’ with new stories where the princess saves the prince from the monster rather than the other way around.In future, individuals who want to change gender are expected to simply make a statutory declaration that they intend to live as the gender they have transitioned to until they die.At the heart of the BBC programme are claims made by Dr Abdelmoneim that, apart from having different sexual organs, there are no major physical differences between the sexes at the age of seven, and their brains are almost identical.It was a bold social experiment predicated on the modish belief that perhaps boys and girls aren’t quite so different after all.

The BBC’s idea was to create a gender-neutral classroom of seven-year-olds for a TV documentary.In a bid to address this, they set out a whole series of radical changes in school life.One of the first things the programme-producers ban is Mr Andre’s habit of using pet names such as ‘love’ or ‘sweetpea’ for the girls and ‘mate’ or ‘fella’ for boys.Banish boy jobs and girl jobs The youngsters were shown that women can be mechanics and men can be make-up artists to dispel the preconceptions they appeared to have that certain jobs are for girls and others are for boys. , which is being broadcast later this month, comes as the issue of gender in childhood is becoming increasingly contentious and complex.There has been a huge rise in the number of young people saying they identify as being of the opposite sex or that they are ‘non-binary’: neither female nor male.And Grace says: ‘I think a firefighter is a boy because they need to hold up big ladders – what are really heavy.’Dr Abdelmoneim says: ‘On one level this just sounds like harmless kids’ talk.