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Then in about the twelfth or thirteenth century the use of the instrumentum pacis , or osculatorium , known in English as the "pax-board" or "pax-brede", was gradually introduced.

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In any case we have definite evidence that a kiss was on some occasions bestowed outside the actual liturgy. Similarly after the consecration of a bishop and, at a later date, after the coronation of a king, the personage so exalted, after he was enthroned, was saluted with a kiss, while a kiss, no doubt suggested by the Scriptural example of the prodigal son, was enjoined in many of the rituals for the absolution of a penitent.

After baptism the newly initiated, whether infants or adults, were embraced first by the baptizer and then by the faithful who were present (see Cyprian, "Ad Fidum Epis.", Ep. Of the kiss solemnly exchanged between those newly betrothed something will be said under MARRIAGE (q.v.), but we may note here the custom for Christians to bestow a last kiss, which then had a quasi-liturgical character, upon the dying or the dead.

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For example, the son of Sirach ( Ecclesiasticus 29:5 ) describes how would-be borrowers, when they wish to ingratiate themselves "kiss the hands of the lender, and in promises they humble their voice".

It is in accordance with this symbolism, so universally understood and practised, that the Church enjoins the kissing of many holy objects, e.g.At the same time he pronounces the words Pax tecum (Peace be with thee); to which the deacon replies, Et cum spiritu tuo (And with thy spirit).The deacon then conveys the salute to the sub-deacon, and the subdeacon to the canons or clergy in the stalls.It may be added that throughout the Middle Ages an almost religious solemnity attached to the public exchange of a kiss as a token of amity.Remarkable examples of this may be found in the history of the quarrels of Henry II with St. Cordis", 1, 3) speak in a similar tone and use language which implies that the Pax preceded the oblation of the elements.The prohibition against kissing the dead which was issued by the Council of Auxerre, A.