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Would you share what was the subject or do you have any scripts of your lecture? I have a very strong personality and i am very independent and do not expect anything just curious 🙂 Part of the problem thus far is that I tend to answer people if they say more than “hi.” There’s this sense of politeness.But, again, I’m reminded of a fact I’ve written about before.Last week, a 35 year old messaged me, asking if I dated younger men. He said I was amazing but that he just didn’t feel enough of a connection to think it could work long-term. He had to pull a “sour grapes” line: “You’re boring. I don’t strive to be engaging when I’m saying I won’t engage with someone. But I somehow had to look at 17 pictures of tractors in various stages of being rebuilt. I almost let myself get talked into it (c’mon, give the nice farmer a chance!

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For example, some sites charge relatively high fees in an attempt to create an aura of exclusivity.

And some sites add other criteria, such as allowing only Ivy League graduates, plus fees to create greater selectivity.

In a token system, you buy a certain number of tokens and you use one every time you write.

Token systems are nice if you’re a dabbler in the online dating scene or if you travel a lot and wouldn’t benefit from a time-limited engagement.

In addition, the scope of coverage and available features are broad and robust.

Solid supervision is provided (to weed out the wackos), and appropriate barriers to entry are in place.Then, with no regard for the irony of admitting we didn’t know each other, he diagnosed me, claiming that I just wanted to date “weak men” so I “can dominant [sic] them.” He said I didn’t “like real men.” I wanted to insult him back–to tell him how boring he was, how politically uninformed he was, how sexist he sounded, how I’d been mistaken in thinking him nice. As I’m on an academic calendar, I’m nearing the start of a new year, and I find myself making resolutions–I want to take more walks, to see more movies, to experiment with document design for my students, etc. A recent “meh” first date and a recent awesome first date have brought them into clearer focus. When I told him I wasn’t interested b/c of that, he wrote more and answered more questions, which was helpful in that it allowed me to see that we weren’t at all compatible. Him: Why are we sometimes 79% match and some other time different than 79% ? I was new on the site and did not answer your questions correctly. My mom saw your profile and thought you are the best 🙂 Sorry. I always felt you are high caliber intelligent person but not to this extent.Took a while to shake him, though–he just kept hounding me. A month later: Him: Remember the homophobe who admitted he was one and then denied it and said he wasn’t interested any more since I was being so tiring by maintaining the consistent position of being not at all interested in him (entries 61 and 62)? It has been very time consuming and no results 🙁 Probably i am not good in this internet thing. Forgive my ignorance and wrong how did your class go?But the fact that people are still willing to pay means they feel the value is sufficient to justify the cost. Basically, you get unlimited use of the features for a fixed fee per month.In general, this system is better because you don’t feel inhibited about making contact unlike a token system where you weigh each contact you make very carefully.In these cases, the guys would make the same request: And in these cases, the guys came back, sometimes weeks after, sometimes years after, saying they’d made mistakes.