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And if that’s not bad enough, you’ll then freak out that they’ll know you checked their profile. It’s very possible that Ok Cupid is a practical dating app for someone who’s not as neurotic as I am, but for those of you who obsess over everything, especially your love life, I think it’s pretty safe to say Ok Cupid is not the app for you.Denae has been a self-proclaimed author, playwright, and poet from the early age of four.

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When I first opened my Ok Cupid account I half expected to be bombarded with a myriad of messages from creepy men, who were at least ten years older than me, lived nowhere near Boston, and whose profiles consisted solely of mirror selfies in which their mobile devices covered over half of their face. (Until I changed my profile settings, that is.) For the first couple of days, I got more messages than I knew what to do with. There a fair share of suspicious people both visiting my profile and sending me messages (some of which my friends and I still laugh about), but for the most part, I met some pretty nice people.Regardless of whether or not I found a true love connection, at no point did I feel the overwhelming desire to file a restraining order.To all my babes in the online dating game looking for True Love or just a little bit of fun with someone new and hot, cheers to you. Dating site Ok Cupid tweeted Thursday afternoon that it had terminated the user account of a leader in the white supremacy movement.“We were alerted that white supremacist Chris Cantwell was on Ok Cupid.But it can go in the other direction and just be downright humiliating. In addition, in the “Details” section of your profile, anyone can see the last time you were online. Which means: if you decide to ignore someone, you can’t ever lie about being busy.

Imagine if every time you Facebook stalked someone, they got a notification. And last but not least, if you meet someone you come to really like, and if you’re lucky enough to meet in person, all of a sudden you’ll be consumed with anxiety wondering why they were online 15 minutes after your date ended and if that automatically means they aren’t interested.

), it’s way easier to overcome an unreturned text than it is to have someone tell you, “yeah, sorry, not feelin’ it” to it’s for good this time.

My feelings are obviously still conflicted about it, our relationship is truly love/hate, but I’ll stick to Tinder for now.

For starters, if you don’t pay to use Ok Cupid, you can’t browse profiles invisibly.

Meaning, if you visit someone’s profile, they get a notification. They’ll visit your profile, and possibly message you.

I also didn’t have the overwhelming desire to scream my adoration for this dating app from the rooftops and insist that it’s the only path to love. It seems like I had a pretty successful experience, doesn’t it?