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The student and the advisors are mutually responsible for establishing and maintaining communication.Newly admitted students are encouraged to communicate with their advisors as soon as possible.

Professional academic advisors (learning support coordinators) provide students with practical information about how to understand the Core Program curriculum and the administrative aspects of class selection and registration.They offer advice about how to navigate the various administrative offices at KIMEP U and the complexities of KIMEP U policies and procedures.This commitment embodies the academic advisement system that provides not only a mere assistance to students with course scheduling, but functions considerably broader rather than that.Thus, KIMEP University aims to establish a multi-level advising system that accumulates academic and administrative advising services, mentoring and assistance of students from the very beginning of their study period up to a successful completion of the degree.Projektmanagement EFRE Die Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter im Projektmanagement beraten und begleiten Hochschuleinrichtungen whrend der Antragsphase und in der Durchfhrung besonderer Frderformate.

Der Schwerpunkt liegt hierbei in der zentralisierten Koordination im Rahmen eines hochschuleigenen Projektcontrollings.

Unser Aufgabengebiet umfasst von der Vertragsgestaltung, der Verhandlung und dem Abschluss von Vertrgen bis hin zur teilweise auch administrativen Abwicklung einen groen Teil des Lebenszyklus eines Drittmittelvorhabens.

Unsere Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter sind Kontaktpersonen fr Forschungspartner und RWTH-Einrichtungen gleichermaen.

Advisors can help students understand fully all of the options and avoid needless mistakes, but only if students take the initiative to seek their advice.

Students’ responsibilities in the advising relationship are: Students are assigned to advisors based on their major and number of credits earned.

Sie gestalten und verhandeln Forschungsvertrge und begleiten Bewilligungen im Rahmen von ffentlich gefrderten Projekten.