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Have to get him dressed now i am dreading it,do not think i can bare to be bitten,head butted or bashed again this week,what do i do Hi Honey Take a few deep breaths right now and as soon as you can phone your GP or Health Visitor, January is too long to wait with you having to go through this with your little one and for the sake of your own health.Our little boy is 2 and a half and going through all sorts of tests and assessments.I will pop back later to see if the HV was able to help.

He really cannot say he is angry so he still shows me!!

Hope that helps a little xx Hello,anyone can you help.

Hi i just wondered how people have coped with their los and the above,my little boy is 2yrs 3mths and has global delay,picca and developing asd,he has recently developed an obsession with Thomas the tank engine we were happy at first because having had no speech for so long he began to say Thomas and point to his dvd,but now he has began to want to watch his dvd all the time its the first thing he wants when he wakes and he will watch it all day if you let him,sadly if he is stopped from doing this he will now become aggressive biting,head butting,pulling hair and will even self harm by banging his head on the floor or wallhe will also scream,my poor i need to know is do you try to stop or divert this obsession or accept that this is part of his condition and go with the flow.

I do not want to create or feed into this obsession if i can avoid it.

This would help you to communicate that you wish to change his nappy and then he can watch the DVD.

It may take a while for your son understand the pictures but over time he will, hopefully, begin to see the link between what he needs to do and reward that he gets for doing it.

Like Lorraine says you can start to use it as an reward or you could start to expand the obsession by teaching new activities.

If you son really likes Thomas then start to look at other activities that include Thomas or trains.

Have you tried using pictures with your son as a way of communicating?

You could start with something as simple as 2 pictures, changing nappy and DVD.

If he likes Thomas, cut out pics of him and use these for counting etc.