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You can proposition for a roleplay only in the Roleplay Request forum. She resisted a little verbally, but finally slid back between my arms.

Any topics created for a roleplay request will be deleted. We will have only 100% incest image and video (or role-play). If a member repeatedly uploads media that is obviously not incest related the user will be removed. when his dick pulled out of my throat I inhaled deep through my nose and he plunged his dick back in.. when I pull out and you breathe in I want you to suck my dick head and swirl your tongue in my foreskin and on my dick head... As I kept working her back, once again she leaned more and more into me.

Any member flagrantly smashing another member will be removed without notice and their post deleted. You can make a more compelling story by adding small details that make it seem real. after about 10 minutes he grabbed the back of my head and started to really push his dick into my throat.. I asked her if it felt good, she smiled and said, "Yea, I never knew you could get sore there."This went on for another 20 minutes.

Ever hear someone telling a story that they found amazing? They said they left a certain place, the drove down a certain road, the night was dark, they stop to help someone who has a flat tire and they drive away. At the end of the movie, she got up slowly and we went upstairs.

If you're here and you have a steady partner you've done this. I told her she is welcome to stay at my place for a day or 2 to collect her thoughts. I laid their in her bed, listening to her shower and change for bed, wishing I could see her body.

I would like to start a discussion on how to approach your significant other to accept a sexual role as a family member. She was nice and everything just had the shakes and was quiet. She comes in, throws her clothes into the hamper, says goodnight, and hurries off to bed.The big fat guy got out and I met him about halfway. they had like a bed in the back and a mini kitchen... after I was in there for about a minute watching the old man fill out the paper work he suddenly turned and said that we have a problem.. I didn't know how to tell her that my mind was on her massaging my cock, but I'm sure the growth in my pants was trying to send signals.He told me it would just take a minute and that he would need me to pay him first... It turned me on even more knowing they were pressing against her panties in my pocket. and the old man continued jerking off but sat his ass down on my face again... the coca were hitting me hard and the mouth being numb made his dick feel good in my mouth... the old guy wasnt missing a beat and his dick seemed to be getting bigger and bigger.., the fat guy was finger fucking my ass hard with two fingers and then suddenly the old man pulled his dick out.. you better fucking swallow I had no choice but to comply... the fat guy quickly moved positions with the old guy and it ended up that the fat guy was sitting on the edge of the bed with me on the floor on my knees and the old guy behind me.. I'm pretty good at this and next thing I know, she's leaning back into my arms. I hesitated for a second but quickly remembered the consequences and started to eat his ass as deep as I could... then he slid his fingers up to my mouth and shoved them in deep.. The fat guy fingered my mouth while the old man jerked off suck your fingers clean... when the fingers were clean they went back into my ass... he shot about 7 strait shots into my mouth...swallow pig... you might as well have fucked every dirty whore you could have because now you are going to have the sex of 300 fags in your ass what do you think about that.. Next thing I know, I'm talking her into a back massage.This is a forum for incest fiction story written by motherless members. with my throat and mouth being numb it made it easier... It's unfair to massage her all through the movie we were watching.