Nico and arrasay dating

An alleged ex of Nico recently reached out to Lebohang on Instagram, saying that she too had been labeled a gold digger whilst dating Nico and went on to encourage her to keep her head up and that she too has gone through the same situation that she is going through.

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The Fifth Cohort arrives, and tell Octavian that they are now receiving orders from Reyna, not him.

A split second later, Clarisse arrives with the Greeks and declares war on the Romans for firing on Camp Half-Blood.

He started to ask Nico why he hadn't visited him when he was helping the injured to even help or say "hello" leaving Nico confused and flustered.

He then orders Nico to stay for three days to help him, making "skeletal butterflies" flap in Nico's stomach.

Octavian then mocks them, saying that it is too late to save Camp Half-Blood, and orders his soldiers to fire the onagers.

However, Cecil, using the distraction, had already altered the firing trajectory of the weapons and the projectiles end up colliding with themselves.At the head counselor meeting, Will was present with the other head counselors after the end of Jason's quest.It was said that Will was absently wrapping and unwrapping an Ace bandage around his wrist.Will was also present along with the other campers when Piper Mc Lean was claimed by Aphrodite, and when Jason Grace was given his quest with Piper and Leo joining him.He was probably one of the archers who were about to attack Festus.He is fifteen years old Will Solace becomes the head counselor of the Apollo cabin after his half-brother, Michael Yew, goes missing in action (assumed to be dead).