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Because it's a group, you get rid of a lot of the awkwardness of the first date.The service started back in 2011 and has connected over a half a million people.Sometimes it feels like New York is home to as many dating apps as people.

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Here are the digital matchmakers who have offices in New York City: Grouper is all about group dates.

The app connects two groups of three friends for a date.

If you can’t find someone to love among all those users... Bae, or 'Before Anyone Else', is aimed at African American millennials.

So far, around a quarter of a million people have connected on the service.

If you donate to the company’s Crowdtilt page, you can fund a trip for yourself (or a female New Yorker of your choice) to make the cross-country trip to attend a Bay Area mixer over Memorial Day filled with marriageable San Francisco dudes.

reporters persuaded their editors to allow them to decamp from the female-dominated D. dating scene for a stint in male-dominated Alaska, where they found an embarrassment of eligible bachelors like Phil, a fisherman who has “an albatross tattooed around his neck, inspired by Coleridge’s poem about a sailor whose rash act brings a curse upon his ship.” When the reporters later texted Phil to ask why he had chosen that image for his neck tattoo, he replied: “Because I am a bad person and I deserve to be shamed.” of his romantic prospects in Williston, N.But men and women are not distributed equitably across the country—men are overrepresented in Alaska and North Dakota, for example, while women reign in Delaware and Maryland.Group dating service The Dating Ring hopes to begin to bridge that geographical divide by crowdfunding the transportation of single women from New York City (where they outnumber men) to San Francisco (which has the opposite problem).Ok Cupid, one of the pioneers of the online dating world, is a New York company.They have a truly massive audience, with over 1 million installs a week and 7.3 million messages sent on the service every single day.They also run a dating agency that will work with a select group of eligible users looking for one-on-one dating advice.