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To be fair, this was her biggest unfulfilled fantasy: the naughty schoolgirl. Why had she taken so long to let him half-know how important this was to her?She wasn't attracted to teenagers, but something about the outfit, the not-quite-innocence, the power differential... She rarely masturbated these days with so many willing men (and women) offering to help, but when she did it was often imagining herself in a professor's office, on her knees in the outfit she was wearing now, working ever so hard to earn that "A." She'd brought it up a few times lately, and apparently, her husband wanted to help make it happen. She was looking forward to tonight, but worried it might be too tame, not quite what she needed. But then she thought about all the things she'd been too nervous to try on their last visit. ---when she looked at the short skirt and white blouse, classic "naughty school girl" attire for tonight's party.

*** Mark was nervous, excited, and thoroughly horny.A month ago, he'd been licking the sexiest, most responsive pussy in the world and trying for the thousandth time not to gloat that this goddess had somehow chosen him to build a life with, when her phone buzzed.With, she later admitted, visions of a naughty schoolgirl on her knees filling her head the whole time. "Now Claire," he interrupted in a firm tone, "we've already been down this road.The texts were innocuous enough for their lifestyle: a suggestive bit of banter with a friend who happened to teach classes at the local community college, sexy joking about earning some extra credit, and a few sexy pictures of her performing enthusiastic fellatio the week before. He was terrible at keeping secrets, so he let her figure out they were going to the Naughty School Girl theme night at the club. I'm the one who emailed you about the extra credit? I admit you give great head, and you definitely earned your opportunity to retake the midterm, but the final is over now."If you want to do this, you'll be helping me in my research. " She started to unbutton her blouse, but he was already headed to the door. You'll need that manila envelope as well," he gestured at her elbow.

You'll need to commit to stick with it the whole night, even though it might be difficult. Slightly confused, Joanna follow her husband, but tonight it was Claire following her professor out the door. Joanna reached for her husband's hand, but he shook it off. Try to behave professionally." Slightly annoyed, she increased the distance between them, but he only gave a curt nod and kept walking.He handed her a shot of whiskey and reached into his pocket. " *** The professor almost missed his cue, watching the lithe woman in the black dress lean into his curvy sexpot of a student.Claire's pussy was instantly on fire, the buildup from the walk over and the anticipation magnifying the sensation. " As she dutifully recorded the number on her clipboard, she noticed his girlfriend staring hard at her. Just in time he looked at his notes and activated her vibrator as their lips met.She was sexy in those texts like always, but Mark couldn't deny that she'd reacted much more strongly than usual to a bit of flirting. He just didn't let on that he had an assignment for her. " His eyes lingered on the hemline of her skirt, halfway between her knee and her rapidly warming pussy. You need to earn your grades in this class, Claire." Joanna could settle for this just fine: a little further than they'd gone before, and probably some wicked hot sex at the end. You can't just retake the exam, they're graded and in." "But..." Joanna didn't have to fake the confusion, but she decided to roll with it. I really need this "A." I just know we can work something out..." she ran her tongue over her lips, and tried for confidence as she firmly gripped his engorged cock through the slacks. " This felt too good, and Mark had plans for the evening. "There is one possibility, but you need to take this seriously.*** Joanna looked up in surprise as she walked out of the bathroom of the hotel room they had gotten for the night. I could allow an extra credit project, but you'd have to get it done tonight, and it might be past your comfort zone.She walked back to the table where her professor waited with an amused look on his face. "Just have a seat and tell me how it's gone so far." Claire was unsurprised to feel the buzzer in her pussy activate as she started to talk.