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This scene hardly happened in a thousand years and the likes of Big Yellow barely only appeared in ten thousand years. * It was Big Yellow’s last fart on him, followed by a silent reaction.

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It stirred up everyone’s emotions to see a Ninth Grade Combat King injured by just kneeling and bowing. “Because I am a man, I can’t fulfil your death wish instantly. He spat a layer of Yuan Force, wrapping all over Xiao Nan Feng.*Blurgh* Xiao Nan Feng spurted out another mouthful of blood, the main cause of this was his overly triggered anger. You must be curious of what it is but no need to rush. Xiao Nan feng looked at Big Yellow with a shocked expression.He will be the first Ninth Grade Combat King in the world to be smoked to death.” Everyone's faces turned pale and white.It was unimaginable even if they put themselves into Xiao Nan Feng’s shoes.He had to die anyway, why not fulfil his death wish now? Xiao Nan Feng struggled intensely even though his body was seriously injured. Big Yellow’s Whirlwind Spirit Fart that had been brewed for quite some time finally erupted again as if the explosion of a bomb in a peaceful day, shaking the earth and sky.

Otherwise, the torturous cruelty would be expecting him since Jiang Chen was the one who scored perfectly in the violence test. However, he was under Big Yellow’s full control, he did not even have the slightest strength to resist. A cloud of green air rushed out, bombarding his face directly.

A total of nine knocks, there wasn’t one knock less.

It wasn’t his will to do the kneeling and bowing, it had gone beyond his control to direct his body.

Although his face had turned into an abnormal shape, his sanity was still preserved. You will find out very soon.” Jiang Chen’s face was full of smiles, it was a sneering smile. The expression of his eyes caused Xiao Nan Feng’s very soul to shiver because he hadn’t had any idea of what was going to happen. Big Yellow twisted his body and aimed his buttocks at him.

Thinking that he was the First Tycoon of the Asura Palace, kneeling down in front of countless people will definitely bring him endless insults. Far away from them, he saw Big Yellow’s sinister stare. Big Yellow’s butt was probably only three inches further away from his face. This was going to be one of the greatest tragedy in humanity. ” Xiao Nan Feng widened his eyes and gave out a cry of terror. Apparently, the latest news had been spread all over the Liang Province making all of them understand its power…….

Xiao Nan Feng was floating in the sky, still with his entire body wrapped around by the green air, it wasn’t leaving his skin no matter how he move. * Another deafening sound…This sound totally buried Xiao Nan Feng’s screams of pain. Big Yellow rode on Xiao Nan Feng’s head and erupted his Whirlwind Spirit Fart again and again, insanely flooding the air with his green fart. ” “This is certainly the cruelest retribution even executed.