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She, however, warmed up to Aira and Rizumu after losing the Summer Queen Cup. Over time, Mion becomes closer with Aira and Rizumu.

Mion seems to like and admire Jun despite the latter being 10 years older than her. She turns out to afraid of dark places, ghosts, and other supernatural beings.

She loves to eat almost anything and especially enjoys meat and chocolate. She often says her thoughts out loud and can also be stubborn at times. In the beginning, Mion thought that the Prism Show was a waste of her time until she saw Aira and Rizumu perform in the Tiara Cup, and got her motivation back.

Aira's strongest suit is fashion, being very good at coordinating clothes and having the ability to hear them "sing". She is a fan of clothes from "Prism Stone", a store run by Shō from Callings, whom Aira also has a crush on.She may have gotten her talent from her mother, Omi Harune, who used to be a Prism Star stylist. It seems that they kissed in Episode 48 of "Dear My Future".Shō is the leader of the boys idol unit group, Callings. He is also the designer and manager of "Prism Stone", Aira's favorite clothing store.Shō is a reliable leader and tends to give Aira advice from time to time, although there are times when he also loses his temper.This cookie stores just a session ID; no other information is captured.

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It is obvious to viewers and Rizumu's significant others that she is romantically interested in Hibiki who is a member of Callings, like Shō. Mion is a popular idol and model and is headstrong, like Aira and Rizumu, along with not being very honest. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on March 3, 1997.

As a result, she easily becomes jealous of any girl who seemingly displays an interest in him. In "Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future", Rizumu and Hibiki announced that they were engaged in Episode 28. Rizumu's song is called "Kokoro Juuden" and was first heard in Episode 12. At an early age she had been with her parents and traveled the world, and is currently living alone, away from home in Japan.

She always tries to do her best and wants to become the Prism Queen to perform the "Aurora Rising", thinking that it will bring her mother back, the legendary Prism Queen Sonata Kanzaki, who disappeared after performing the legendary jump.

Rizumu sometimes tries so hard that she forgets what the Prism Show is really about.

She claims that she loves Shō's designs, not him, though it is obvious to Rizumu and Mion that she does indeed have feelings for him.