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But as far as men everywhere go, they are probably all as equally confused inside, it's just that Swedish guys go ahead and act that way." I thought that was an interesting answer.

A Swedish girl one time saw a message that a Swedish guy had written to a girl that said very directly "I think you are interesting, fun, pretty and I want to get to know you better." She was shocked and asked if he was really Swedish and thought that the message was actually over the top, too much.

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In my site analytics I can sometimes tell what google search words lead to entering this Stockholm Stories page.

Brown made his first court appearance Sunday, according to CBS Orlando affiliate WKMG.

Jail records showed he was still being held Sunday afternoon on charges of battery and false imprisonment.

I understand the feeling of doing an internet search for something that there are probably no true answers for, but trying anyway.

I protested and defended myself, saying that yes I was moving to Sweden and had dated and known some Swedes but I was not limited to only that or trying only for that.

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Sweden, like Finland, Denmark, and Norway has an online dating market dominated by a couple of websites that have a lot of members.

Swedes are impressive travelers, no matter where you go you will find a Swede, as I have on a plane to Uganda or when river rafting in New Zealand, and then of course there were a few in Santa Barbara.

A couple weeks before I ever even moved to Sweden, my friends and I were hanging out with a couple Norwegian guys we'd met, and as we all talked and they heard a bit about what my last two years had looked like, they tried to call me a "Swedenizer".

no wonder other Swedish guys would avoid saying such direct things, if many girls here would consider it to be too much.