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A report published earlier this year cited one young woman who only discovered she was pregnant at seven months when she "felt something moving inside my tummy".Although contraceptives are not always readily accessible, women's groups and the UN fear an outright ban would force even more girls into early marriage."Because of teenage pregnancy they will drop out from school," said Fatima Soares, the women and girls participation program manager at Plan International."They will not access education any more.Away from the tourist centres of the Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands and the purpose-built Denarau Island, another world exists.

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The small plane descends over Savu Savu Bay, crosses a peninsula and the township of Savu Savu.

A lone cow grazes on the fringes of the short runway.

However, it is yet to reveal whether it will adopt or scrap the ban on contraceptives for unmarried women.

Innumerable atolls and submerged reefs separate the two islands.

A small hand-painted sign states simply, ‘Savu Savu’. [caption id="attachment_2095" align="alignnone" width="362"] Savu Savu airport terminal buidling.[/caption] The two pilots help unload the cargo.

I pick up my bag from the tarmac and wave good-bye.

And teenage pregnancy rates mean many children are born to a mother who herself is still an adolescent."About one out of five girls are married actually before the age of 18.

They're marrying young and 50 per cent of them already have a child by the time they're 20," said John Pile, who heads the United Nations Population Fund (UNPF) in Dili."Frequently it's pregnancy followed by marriage and then the child.

And that seems to be much more the issue than marriage then pregnant and child."The policy would ban contraceptives for anyone but married couples.

Unmarried women and teenage girls would instead be directed to use the Billings method, where a woman uses her own monthly cycle to calculate which days are safe to have unprotected sex."The new family planning program will reduce the incidence of pregnancy and …

From their perspective they'd like to be married, have a family.