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: There was a time when I used Reverb Nation daily to connect with fans, promote my music, and grow my network. But then things started changing and I began using the platform less and less.

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Unfortunately, Rapmusic is the only one that still exists. There was this other [developing] platform known as Reverb Nation.Previous MZs had poor knock control, or perhaps oversensitivity when detecting knock, and power loss up to 20 hp (15 k W) may be realized due to erratic ignition timing when using an octane lower than 91.The new flat-type knock sensor is a completely different design and detects more frequencies than the traditional resonator type. A bolt goes through the center of the knock sensor, which then mates the sensor to the block on each bank.The cylinders are lined with cast iron, and is of a closed deck design (no open space between the bores). It uses multiport fuel injection (MFI), four valves per cylinder, a one-piece cast crankshaft and a cast aluminium intake manifold.The MZ family is a lightweight V6 engine of an all-aluminium design, using lighter weight parts than the heavier duty VZ block engines in an effort to lower production costs, decrease engine weight, and decrease reciprocating weight without sacrificing reliability.We were involved with various online communities through message boards and forums.