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Most of the local population was educated by such primary schools throughout their childhood.After completing the curriculum of the can be considered the first modern universities.

The great Islamic scholar also noted that “prevention of the child from playing games and constant insistence on learning deadens his heart, blunts his sharpness of wit and burdens his life.Thus, he looks for a ruse to escape his studies altogether.” Instead, he believed that educating students should be mixed with fun activities such as puppet theater, sports, and playing with toy animals.Mosques were used as a meeting place where people can gather around a learned scholar, attend his lectures, read books with him/her, and gain knowledge.Some of the greatest scholars of Islam learned in such a way, and taught their students this way as well.There have been several high profile calls for Palestinians to continue protesting by praying outside the site until other measures added earlier this month such as CCTV cameras are also removed.

Jerusalem’s Supreme Islamic Committee is due to meet later on Tuesday to discuss whether the steps taken by Israel are sufficient for Muslim worshippers to return to the sacred compound.

At the three holiest sites of Islam – the Haram in Makkah, Masjid al-Nabawi in Madinah, and in Jerusalem – scholars regularly sit and give lectures in the mosque that are open to anyone who would like to join and benefit from their knowledge.

However, as time went on, Muslims began to build formal institutions dedicated to education.

They had separate faculties for different subjects, with resident scholars that had expertise in their fields.

Students would pick a concentration of study and spend a number of years studying under numerous professors.

Rather, educators take into account the emotional, social, and physical well-being of the student in addition to the information they must master. The 12th century Syrian physician al-Shayzari wrote extensively about the treatment of students.