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Significant milestones and advancements included Lewis Carroll’s fantasy novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in 1865, Beatrix Potter’s illustrated children’s books in 1890, Rudyard Kipling’s collection of talking animal stories The Jungle Book in 1894, H. Wells’ 1896 science fiction novel The Island of Dr. Jack in 1896, the first appearance of anthropomorphic animals in comic strips.

The object of the fandom is not a genre nor any specific segment of the arts, but rather an interest in a specific type of character that may appear in any genre of fiction or type of media. Anthropomorphic animal characters are found in the art of many ancient cultures.

Anthropomorphic characters from Egyptian mythology continue to this day to be a source of inspiration to furry artists, as do aspects of Native American animal related spirituality.

Offering more exposure to Furry writers then anyone could ask for. Have you ever witnessed someone being triggered on Tumblr?

Think of that, but with Nazis – which is funny to watch.

Is it me or are Furries popping up in news stories more?

It feels strange to bring it up, but I swear the fandom has been getting more media attention and a good amount of it has been positive. The reason I’m writing this opinion piece is, in part, because of my own history in the fandom. If you were a Furry around that time you were under the shadow of, what I prefer to call, the “Vanity Fair Era”.

While the biggest story I can remember coming from mainstream presses at the time was the Gas Attack on Midwest Fur Fest in 2014 where one news anchor, who had no idea what Furries were, couldn’t stop herself from laughing.

But it was after that, for some strange reason that this new wave of Furry stories really started to take off.

Also of significance are the novels of Felix Salten published between 19 which established the precedents of what would later be called furry fiction.

With the advent of animation and comic books in the first half of the 20th century, anthropomorphic animals became a popular phenomenon with fans of all ages.

For a point of reference, the biggest outlet I can remember covering Furries outside of a sexual fetish was Buzzfeed.