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To be quite honest, I'm generally not a huge vampire fan, but I do however, think Charles Shaughessy, as Dimitri, gives a great performance by having "suave, debonair" characteristics, while still having a dark sense of humor.

Caroline Rhea is also very good in this film, as a single mom struggling to get back into the dating scene...

Lynette is sympathetically stressed out as a mom trying to do it all, and while older sister Chelsea and brother Adam don’t really get along and aren’t entirely innocent, neither one is an overly mean-spirited character, making their eventual acceptance of responsibility all the more intriguing when they realize just what they set their mom up for.And as the youngest member of the family, Myles Jeffrey is an absolute delight as the little Charley Brewster who cried “vampire.” The first to realize Dmitri’s true nature, Taylor’s fear is palpable yet funny, with the determined eight-year-old even going so far as to call vampire hunter Malachi Van Helsing (Robert Carradine, who was playing Lizzie Mc Guire’s dad at the time) for help.Max’s quest to stop the Sanderson Sisters and save the souls of both his sister and the children of Salem mirrors Thackery Binx’s heartbreaking failed attempt to save his sister 300 years earlier, lending the film a sobering, sibling-centric emotional side that counteracts some of the film’s sillier (and delightful) moments (I’ve never been able to look at a vacuum cleaner the same way after seeing this film).While the parental figures are less present in , the strong bonds of brother and sister are at the core of both films, as respective sets of siblings attempt to save their families from a charming yet deadly force.Having just moved to the New England town of Salem from California, Max’s family is still settling into their new life when the big “31” on the calendar arrives.

Feeling out of place in his historic new town (wearing a tie-dye T-shirt probably doesn’t help matters) and losing his shoes to local bullies Jay and Ernie…

Seeing this imperfect family placed in peril always sucks me right into the story, and its festive backdrop makes for great viewing when pumpkin season approaches.

While it doesn’t take place on Halloween night, fully embodies the “anything can happen” vibe of All Hallows’ Eve.

which means it's time for my annual Halloween Movie Countdown.

Hopefully I will be able to post quite a few movies for my Halloween Movie Countdown this month, unlike last year when I posted only two (so much for a countdown...).

Although these are two different treats in the collection of fall-flavored flicks, Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire and Hocus Pocus each share the same spooky spirit that you can embrace with your family—particularly your brothers or sisters—this Halloween season.