Mindless behavior dating quiz

Jack Manning has always hated the water, and with good reason.

Nearly drowning three separate times can cause a fear in any sane person.

It’s holiday season, and festive Mister Talv is throwing one of his famous parties. To make his events that extra little bit special, he always lays on unusual and memorable entertainment for his ‘guests’. Ben, a man of great power and few boundaries, ends up at a party and begins to make some changes.

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This act sparks a series of events that threaten the balance of power in the superhero world.

A strange app sends Kyle into a white room and his whole world changes.

When he decides to enjoy himself with one of the swimmers, he ends up with more than he had planned on.

Strange things happen to Maryanne when she unpacks an unfamiliar box.

More “innocents” find themselves caught in the web of the enigmatic Weaver, but this time a stepmom and stepdaughter find their charged relationship changed through the power of his own unique spin on the standard personality quiz.

When a nightly news broadcast’s teleprompter fails just before airtime, its replacement makes for a much more watchable show.

Yet, when his friends convince him to go boating out on the ocean with them for the weekend, he accepts, deciding to face his fears.

But when a sudden storm tosses him overboard into the maelstrom, he is miraculously saved by a mythical creature, and learns things about himself that he never could have imagined...

This house has a rich and somewhat mysterious history, all owing to an antique mirror that’s has a strange influence over women.

Rebecca Abrams has the chance to be a hero, to save the museum where she works from financial collapse.

That old wise darkness has already made Her own choice, and the Lady may learn too well what serfdom means.