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After a brief moment of silence, Jim said that he always fantasized about it but that was all.

Dawn sat there with a smile and said that she wouldn't object to it if it was with the right person.

Over dinner, we talked about what happened last week.

I pulled Dawn to me and she engulfed my hard cock with her mouth.I watched Luisa ride Jim's cock and she started moaning that she was going to cum.We exchanged pleasantries while Dawn poured some wine.Jim offered a toast, "To our new friends, with whom we have a lot in common and who we wish to share ourselves with." We all drank and thanked Jim for such a lovely sentiment.After dinner and dessert, Jim invited us to join them in the hot tub and we accepted.

I was the first to get naked followed by Luisa then Dawn and Jim.The four of us were making out as I saw my wife raise her body and then lower it into Jim, figuring he got his cock in her cunt.I lifted my body out of the water and sat on the rim.We did decide to do more but we also promised that we would do it together.After a couple of days, Dawn called Luisa and asked her if we would like to come over for a small BBQ on Saturday, just the four of us.When my blond friend told me she could squirt, I was blown away, then she told me her brunette friend, a cute girl with glasses, could also gush like a fountain and they liked squirting together I would love to have me join them for a squirting orgy! The girls got naked and started playing together and I watched the brunette with glasses gushing like a fountain while stimulating her pussy with a vibrating wand.