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History is unearthed along the way, as we also investigate traditional preservation techniques used by Borgo's Cooking School, culinary gardeners and florist to prepare for the oncoming winter.

It's harvest season, and as early September sees grapes hauled in to make wine, we take a look at the prestigious labels available by the glass at La Bottega del Buon Caffè in Florence.

At Borgo it means stepping outside the door and being fully immersed in the culinary gardens and farm that supply the restaurant and hotel, from biodynamic vegetables and herbs used in Michelin-star meals and spa treatments alike, to Borgo breakfast eggs and honey, fresh sheep s milk served as pecorino and poured into our natural skincare products, and wool bred from our very own herd of alpacas.

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Oltre al vino, il nostro calendario del raccolto predispone i palati anche a una più ampia gamma sensoriale di sapori autunnali, dai funghi porcini alle castagne, dai tartufi al vino e all olio nuovi.Con il lento digradare del caldo estivo nella frizzante aria dell autunno e nella variegata armonia dei suoi colori, la spa del Borgo vi offrirà suggerimenti utili a preservare, dopo l estate, la luminosità della vostra pelle; inoltre, due eventi ciclistici vintage contribuiranno ad accrescere lo splendore dell autunno toscano, il tutto per una buona causa.Tuscany's top wines by the glass Borgo in the autumn!Welcome to the autumn edition of The Borgo Times, where we tread the 'farm to plate' trail from its earthy origins in Borgo's gardens, fields and sheds through to the sumptuous fresh produce served at the table and home-made products that make the Borgo experience so memorable.The principles of biodynamic cultivation mean that size, colour, flavour and shape can be tinkered with naturally, depending on the planetary influence under which the plants are sown, and so Mattei and Sardi are able to plan made-to-measure dishes throughout the year.

In addition, Rizzi and Turrini cultivate the garden from their own biodynamic seed bank, a substantial portion of which they gifted to Borgo upon their arrival.

THE BORGO TIMES PHILOSOPHY IN ACTION Farm to plate is an intriguing concept but what does it actually mean in practice? 14 TRUFFLES BYGONE IN BIKING TUSCANY Head Tuscany out hosts on a hunt two vintage for the most bike prized rides food this autumn possession that in recall Italy the a bygone white truffle era to learn for how a modern to forage cause. Harvest calendar 12Find out where to taste Tuscany's top wines by the glass in Florence.

We trace the journey from the orto, apiary, sheep shed and farmyard. 4 Highlighted in this issue PRESERVES FOOD FESTIVALS OF THE SOIL Explore Borgo s the soil autumn yields both harvest harvest at our and favourite history sagra as preparations in Tuscany this are season made with for wine, the cooler oil, chestnuts months and ahead. Scopri dove degustare a Firenze i migliori vini toscani al bicchiere.

Seguiamo il percorso dalla terra al piatto a partire dall orto, dall apiario, dal recinto delle pecore e dall aia. F.: RELAIS BORGO SANTO PIETRO di Thottrup Claus e Thottrup Jeanette Gron S.a.s.

The Borgo Times is produced by Borgo Santo Pietro, 110 Loc. 16 Bygone biking Tuscany hosts two vintage bike rides this autumn that recall a bygone era for a modern cause.

4 AFTER EXTRA THE TUSCAN VIRGIN SUN Discover Soothe skin the true and tastes maintain of Tuscan that Olive holiday Oil, glow what makes long after this 3000 the summer sun so special sets at and the why spa. Dalla vendemmia alla raccolta: ecco un assaggio di ciò che la stagione ha in serbo per i vostri palati.