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It really is up to your imagination…you can just roll it into cacao powder or make figures out of it (it behaves like edible playdough) or roll it out and cut cookies out of it or slice it…anything your heart desires. Serve as it is or use your healthy marzipan to decorate a birthday cake. You'll save the planet from lots of trash and it will probably save you some $$$!

They’re a really good snack choice for diabetics too, because they’re high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

Do you need any other excuse to make dessert today?

If you’re curious, a “marzipan potato” is a ball of marzipan coated with chocolate cream, then a layer of some kind of soft dough, and the whole thing rolled into a generous amount of cacao powder, in other words: heaven!

All I know, is that whenever my dearest grandma took my sister and I to the confectionary store across the street from her house, and let us pick and choose whatever our hearts desired, I went for the “marzipan log” or the “marzipan potato”.

The sadness I have felt that the time of bonding with Oliver in his most dependant state is over, has been replaced by the joy of connecting with him in a new way.

It’s all the more lovely as he starts to talk and communicate in increasingly sophisticated and animated ways, showing us more of his bubbly, quirky and loveable character.

at home, in the office, and on the road I can’t recall my first love affair with marzipan.

Their high mineral content helps build and maintain strong bones, while the fiber helps in the prevention of colon cancer.

The base, from which all marzipan is made, is about 2/3 almond paste and 1/3 sugar.

The only question they ask when you place an order is, what grade you’d like.

Speaking of balance, I finally decided to seek a professional opinion (again) about my ‘hormone situation’.