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For the Italian release all the actors were dubbed into Italian.Even though you can often see their lips speak English, the Italian sounds that come out of them are for the most part quite beautiful.Stefania Sandrelli voiced her own part in both languages, and though Frank Finlay could have done the same, he didn’t.

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(After all, Brass had 18 years to contemplate these ideas and continually rewrite the script.) The result is a film that goes beyond being profoundly heart-rending.

Almost as amazing as the film itself was the audience reaction.

The irony of Caligula is that, while it besmirched Brass’s reputation, it eventually opened doors.

After 18 years of renewing an option for film rights from Junichirô Tanizaki and then from his widow, Brass finally found a producer for his dream project.

I suspect that The Key is an exception to this rule.

I suspect it looks almost exactly the way Brass imagined it. It consists entirely of the diary entries of a husband and wife, revealing their thoughts.In any case, even in the English-language scenes, Barbara Cupisti and Franco Branciaroli spoke Italian, probably because their English wasn’t sufficiently fluent.They were dubbed into English, and in the case of poor Franco, not well dubbed.NOTE ADDED 25 FEBRUARY 2009: I just discovered this wonderful interview with Frank Finlay: By the way, since nobody has ever pointed this out before, I might as well, though it has no significance to anyone other than the screenwriter. People named Giovanni are often called by intimates Nino, which is a diminutive of Giovannino, which is a diminutive of Giovanni; ∴ Nino = Tinto.It’s interesting to compare this to Kon Ichikawa’s earlier film version, known in the US as Odd Obsession.Brass made the characters strong and made the couple appealing.